Back of Dave — “Dirty Boy” 7″

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Music Downloads

Ok folks, time for a little more Back of Dave!  This one dates back to 1993 and was released on Better Days Records.  This is known as the “Dirty Boy” 7″, or sometimes referred to as the “1 TUNNR” 7″ (due to the license plate on the van in the photo).  It’s pretty much impossible to find this one anymore.  Trust me, I’ve looked!  This is one of the Back of Dave releases I regretfully never picked up.  I remember seeing it sitting on the merch table at a Back of Dave show at the Beach House, and instead opted for the Back of Dave / Prozac Memory split cassette and a T-shirt, which I still have, but can no longer wear, as it’s REALLY torn up.  Maybe I’ll post a picture of the shirt on here at some point.  This is kind of a funny release, because it was also released on cassette with an extra song, “Concrete Socks” according to Mr. Eric Perez.  SO…I’m including “Concrete Socks” on here as well.

The 7″ was pressed with “Dirty Boy” on Side A and “Eyepoker” and “Sniffle” on Side B

  1. Dirty Boy
  2. Eyepoker
  3. Sniffle
  4. Concrete Socks (bonus track on cassette release)


This entry will be updated soon as I actually acquired a copy of this 7″ last year from a dude from the UK.  He kept REAL nice care of it, too!! (6/6/12)

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