Back of Dave – LIVE at the Atrium: Springfield, IL. 12/29/96

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Music Downloads

This was featured on the original blog on 12/29/10 to celebrate the 14 year anniversary of this show.  The entry read as follows:

So…where were you 14 years ago today? If you’re like most of us, you probably have no clue. I, however, remember this day quite well. At about this time I was walking up the steps to the Atrium with a friend or two to watch some of my most favorite bands play that evening. Back of Dave played one of their last shows ever in Springfield that night. Nobody had a clue this was one of the last times we would ever see them play here. I think they did one more show at the YWCA here later the following year and that was it. Up until several years ago this flyer was the only physical piece of evidence I had of this show aside from the experience which will remain permanently burned into my memory. After goofing around online one day, I found a guy who had TONS of old NIL8, Back of Dave and Fragile Porcelain Mice stuff that I didn’t have, including this little “gem” I am making available to you all here today. I made him a reasonable offer for all of his stuff, and lucky for me…he obliged. By clicking on the link below, you will be able to let your ears experience exactly what I and many others did 14 years ago today — Back of Dave’s full set! This is a soundboard recording, but still has some limitations and problems with volume levels during the first song, but for the most part it is still pretty enjoyable to listen to. I DO plan on doing some work on this recording in the future to clean things up and adjust levels, but that will be a little further down the road. In the meantime, ENJOY!

  1. Duel of the Ironfists
  2. Kosmo
  3. Digger
  4. Plankton
  5. Quickie
  6. Glory Of…
  7. Pick Up Atredes
  8. Springloaded
  9. Tensile Strength
  10. Judas of Mascaria
  11. Sadie
  12. Fighter Pilot For A Day



  1. dukevonbismark says:

    i have a recording of one of the rocket bar reunion shows. let me know if you want it. i’m sure you do.

    • twon9 says:

      Matt!!! Hell yeah I want a copy! I’d LOVE to have a copy of the 2/28/04 reunion show, since this is the last time I watched the band play. Any chance you have that one?? …and by the way…we all miss Back of Dave quite a bit in these parts!

  2. Amie Womack says:

    Yes. Yes we do.

  3. Ben G. says:

    Just tried to download this, but no go. Could this one be re-uploaded?

    • twon9 says:

      Yeah, dude! I’ve been meaning to get this one back up for a WHILE! I’ll send you a link to download it as-is. I need to do some work on it, though. The levels are a little goofed up. It’s a soundboard recording, which is nice, but you also get the inconsistencies that can come along with that.

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