Fagalonius P. Hector — First Demo Tape

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Music Downloads

Right off the bat, I’d like to give a big thanks to Galen Wasem for giving me the go ahead to post this stuff for you all!

This is the first tape ever released by Fagalonius P. Hector. They played during the early 1990’s in Springfield and did some regional shows as well (Chicago, shows in Indiana, etc). Members were from Springfield and surrounding areas as far as I understand, and featured William Whitney on guitar and vocals, Galen Wasem on guitar, Karen Scanlan on bass and Trevor Moore on drums. They played a lot of shows at the Beach House, Skank Skates, VFW, house shows, etc. They played a big part in the Springfield scene during that time and I know Trevor at least went on to play with the Goofs (who will be featured later on here). I don’t think any of the other members were in any other bands after Hector disbanded in 1995 (?), They released this tape as well as a second one titled, “…b” which I will feature on here as well.
1. Kissel
2. Burning Crosses
3. Jerryatricks
4. I Don’t Wanna Go To School
5. The Fool
6. Sad John
7. Jungle Song
8. 21 Sucks
9. Candle
1o. Society
11. Bob
12. Circle M
13. Hot Summer Night
14. My Mind Sucks
15. I Wanna Be In A Punk Rock Band
16. I Hate Brian Morman
17. Hardcore
18. Fade Away
19. Eating From Their Hands
20. Hector Tamer Of Horses
21. Screwed Like A Peartree In December

Visit Fagalonius P. Hector’s MySpace site for photos and such at:

  1. braysen says:

    song number 9 is missing in the dl

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