My First Punk Rock Show EVER!

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Music Downloads

Ok people…this is going to be a LONG post, but an important one.  I’m going to walk you through the day I attended my first punk rock show ever!

It took place nearly 16 years ago.  Strangely enough, I still remember this day vividly.  It was a brisk Sunday in February.  Snow still on the ground, and most small lakes and ponds were still frozen over, of course.  I made plans to go rabbit hunting with my Dad that afternoon.  Little did I know this would be the last time I ever went hunting.  We drove out to some property a friend of his had out in the country and “got to work”.  I remember walking parallel with my Dad for hours through a lot of brush, shotgun in hand, trying to “kick up” something to shoot at.  I also remember not really giving a damn about shooting an animal at this point as I only had one thing on my mind that day — going to my first punk rock show at the Lake Springfield Beach House.  The flyer that you see above was one of two that I know of that were created for this show.  Thanks to Vain Jayne for hooking me up with this!!  …anyhow…over the span of several hours I did manage to “kick up” one rabbit and it took off like a bat out of hell.  I didn’t even bother trying to hit it and just pulled the trigger on my shotgun while cradling it at my hip.  That was the most action we saw that day.  Before leaving the property we did some “target practice” which involved me blowing the hell out of some empty plastic anti-freeze jugs we found.  My Dad wasn’t too impressed with my lack of desire to take the hunt seriously, and I think took the clue that day that I really didn’t have any desire to kill animals with him anymore.  Nothing against hunting, and I do LOVE to eat meat…I’ll just leave the killing up to the experts, thank you!

So…I get home later that afternoon, clean up, eat dinner, and call up my friends Daymon and Rick to arrange transportation out to the show.  Now, I had my license by this point, but wouldn’t have my own car to drive for quite a few years later.  Not to mention, my folks didn’t let me use their car all that often, and certainly wouldn’t let me take the car out to the lake on my own in the middle of winter.  Thankfully, Daymon came through and I managed to get a ride out there with him and Rick.  I don’t remember if anyone else came with us that night or not.

We pulled up to the Beach House slightly before 7PM.  I’d never been out there before this night.  I remember stepping out of the van we came in and just taking everything in.  The place looked great!  Old, stone building with HUGE iron gates in front of it that opened up to the stairs inside.  There was a large handwritten poster at the entrance that stated what bands were playing that night, and I noticed one more band written at the bottom that wasn’t on the flyer…Thumper.  We walk inside up the stairs and I gladly pay my $3 to whomever was collecting the money that night.  The place itself is split into two rooms, connected by a center “lobby”.  The room to my right-hand side was closed off.   As I looked to my left, this is where everything was going to go down for the evening.  As I gazed into the room where the bands were setting up, I saw something I really didn’t expect to see…some of my fellow classmates arranging gear.  I still CLEARLY remember seeing Ladd Mitchell standing on the small, slightly raised stage next to his guitar and amp, and hopping off to go somewhere else.  I didn’t know a damn thing about the bands playing that night, and really thought that these were bands from other places that had traveled here to play.  I didn’t know much about Springfield having really any music “scene” at that time, but was slowly starting to learn about “independent” bands through watching 120 Minutes on eMpTyV on Saturday nights and going through the “trial and error” of buying various records trying to see what else was out there aside from the major-label, popular stuff at that time.  I remember being very excited about this whole experience before the show even started, thinking to myself, “Man…I may just see some band tonight that will end up becoming HUGE someday, and I can say that I saw them play here!”  Needless to say, this didn’t happen, but Ladd did go on to later join the band Park, who did go on to see some respectable success before breaking up.

After moseying around for a while, I finally hear the sweet sounds of guitar coming from the room where the show was happening.  I head inside and there are maybe another 20 people (if that) standing around to watch the first band, Thumper, play.  This was Ladd’s band.  Eric Perez was playing bass and I don’t remember who was playing drums that night.  They go into their first song, and I was immediately hooked.  Great, straight-forward poppy punk.  Reminded me a lot of Green Day at the time.  A couple of songs in, a few dudes start bumping into each other to get a mosh started.  I remember Ladd jokingly saying, “Hey folks, don’t mosh!”  I jumped in and never felt as great as I did at that moment.  It was the first time I hopped into what would later become MANY pits.  As the short-lived mosh died out, I recall standing there with a HUGE grin on my face just taking in the whole experience.  I thought to myself, “Man…THIS is what punk rock feels like.  THIS is what doing it on your own is all about.  THIS is the outlet I’ve been missing!”  Thumper finishes up their set, clears their gear, and next up is Beezus.

Now, some of you reading this may ask if this is the same Beezus from Champaign/Urbana IL.  Nope.  It’s still an all female group, and shortly after that show they realized that there was already this other band named Beezus, so they changed their name to Dirty Sarah.  All girls from Springfield, again…and they fuckin’ ROARED!!  Like nothing I’d ever seen or heard before.  They were LOUD and aggressive and didn’t take any shit.  It was FANTASTIC!!  I later learned this was what was referred to as Riot Grrrl music.  Jayne, who hooked me up with the copy of the flyer at the top of this LONG rant, played in Beezus that night.  After they finished their set, I caught up with a few of them out front of the Beach House and told them how much I liked their set and if they had a tape or something for sale.  They said all they had was a practice tape for the time being, but they may put out a demo later or something.  I remember one of them being rather surprised that I enjoyed their set.  Then, the conversation shifted as someone else stepped in and mentioned that there was another band with the name of Beezus, so they should consider changing their name.  I stayed outside for a little bit longer, and then headed back inside to watch Hosemobile play.

Now, I can’t tell you a whole lot about Hosemobile.  They didn’t stick around all too long.  If my memory serves me correctly, I THINK either Otto or Clif from ingot played in Hosemobile too.  I MAY be wrong about that.  I remember it being pretty straight-forward rock and it not really grabbing my attention all too much at the time.  I watched part of their set, and then decided to mosey along to the lobby and check out the merch stand, as the “headlining” band that night, Backslider, had quite a few things available to buy.  I looked over their stuff and didn’t buy anything right away because I wanted to hear them play first.  As I was just hanging out in the lobby area, I saw a dude walk in with a large knitted hat and a dreadlock or two hanging out of it carrying a couple of posters to hang up.  He made his way in and out relatively quickly.  He said hello to a few folks, and then was gone.  I later found out this was Jeff Williams from NIL8.  I had no idea who he was since again, this was my first punk rock show ever.  He hung up two Melvins promo flats for the album, “Stoner Witch” and handwrote something along the lines of “Go say hey to our friends the Melvins”, advertising an upcoming show in Chicago.  I thought about snagging one of them, but left it alone.  He put them up for a reason, and I figured I may as well let them serve their purpose.

Hosemobile finished up their set, cleared out their gear, and a while later Backslider began playing.  I really liked them.  Straight-up rock that had a VERY 90’s feel to it.  I went to their merch table after the show and bought their 7″ that had 2 songs on it — “Sweetheart” and “By Example”.  This was the first 7″ record I ever bought.  I didn’t actually know I bought a record until later the ride home after the show when I opened it up and found vinyl inside.  I really thought it was a CD with “larger packaging”.  I was a little bummed since I didn’t have a turntable of my own, but was able to play it on my folks turntable which I later moved into my bedroom after I really began to dive into the whole world of punk rock.  I’ll never forget that ride home after the show that night.  I knew that I had just experienced something that was going to change my life forever and I couldn’t have been more excited about it.

Now…to get on to the good stuff.  I’m featuring downloads of music from Thumper, Beezus (Dirty Sarah), and Backslider.  No Hosemobile.  Actually…I don’t know if they ever recorded and released anything.


THUMPER – Unreleased Studio Recordings

Thanks to Ladd Mitchell for giving me the OK to post this stuff for you all!

I have no idea what the names of these songs are.  I asked Ladd about them, and he doesn’t remember either.  He DID say that he still has a notebook with old Thumper lyrics written in it, but I think it’s just a matter of digging those out at some point.

In the meantime, enjoy these tunes!  These songs were on a tape that was passed around amongst friends back when the band was still active.

Download Here


DIRTY SARAH (Beezus) – “Jabber The Purr Beast” cassette

I purchased this tape at Atomic Records probably around 1996 or so.  As far as I know this is the only thing Dirty Sarah officially released, and I doubt many copies were made.  All homemade copies and each one a little different from the next with personal “additions” made on the artwork.

This is a little “warning” that was handwritten on the back of the insert pictured above.

Download Here


BACKSLIDER – “Sweetheart / By Example” 7″

This is the exact 7″ I picked up at this show.

This is the insert included with the 7″

Sticker included with the 7″

Side A

Side B

Download Here


  1. Daymon says:

    Great story! Was this the show where I sent my dad home at least once because we weren’t sure how late the show was going to go? That’s amazing for two reasons: first, because my dad is as patient as a saint to put up with my shit, and second, because it was before cell phones which we could’ve used just to call and say, “hey, don’t head out yet.”

  2. Robbie Kording says:

    thank you for this.

  3. twon9 says:

    @ Daymon — You know…I think it may have been this show!
    @ Robbie — My pleasure! I’m just glad this stuff can see the light of day again!! SO much great stuff was going on during this time!

  4. bradenbost says:

    People always told me that the bassist for Honor System was from Springfield, and here he is. Chris Carr was in Backslider. Another long-lingering question has been answered.

  5. Ben says:

    Hey, I made that flyer! Hosemobile was my first band with Otto from Ingot on bass and Matt on drums who also played with the Goofs and Thumper. Very funny to hear your account of this show..I can’t say I remember much of it myself. I do remember thinking that was the best of the 4 or 5 shows we played. There are no recordings that I’m aware of, but I’m not sure any of it was really worth recording anyway. Very cool thing you are doing here.

  6. twon9 says:

    Thanks, Ben! Glad you like the blog!

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