the Goofs – “The Retarded EP”

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Music Downloads

Yeah, I know…about time, eh?

This is the only official release by Springfield’s first ever ska-punk band, the Goofs!  The Goofs started off as a 2 piece band (Craig Trudeau, and Spencer Heck), and then quickly evolved to a full band featuring Trevor Moore (ex-Fagalonius P. Hector) on drums, Ryan Dougherty on trumpet, and several other members that would come and go over the years.  This EP also features Ryan Howerter on bass, and Buffy Nickel on sax.

The Goofs were DEFINITELY a local favorite.  Pretty much everyone loved the Goofs and their shows were ALWAYS packed!  Thanks to them, we started to get a lot of other great ska bands through here like, MU330, Issac Green and the Skalars, Regatta 69, Mustard Plug, the Blue Meanies, the Gadjits, and several others that I just can’t think of right off hand.  Still to this day I hear people talk about these guys and how great they were.  They did do a LITTLE bit of very light “touring” and I know did at LEAST one show with the Toasters somewhere before they broke up in 1997.

Unfortunately the Goofs only managed to officially release a few tunes.  These 3, and one more called, “Denny’s Run” that appeared on the Jump Up! Records compilation, “Everything Off Beat Vol. 2”.  This EP DID see some light distribution through A.P.B. Records out of Chapel Hill, NC for a short period of time, and also went to a 2nd pressing on blue vinyl.  My sister has that one.  It also featured a different “thank you” list on the back cover.  I’ll scan in that one and post it here later.  The photos featured on here are from the first pressing on white vinyl.  I think about 100-150 were pressed.  The 2nd pressing on blue was a larger run, and Craig threw all that he had left out into the crowd at their last show at Viele’s Planet on June 22nd, 1997.  2 other bands played that night — MU330 and another band that was simply billed as “The Show” on the flyers that were made for the show.  “The Show” was the Timmys.  This was their first show!  Kinda weird.  One legendary Springfield band dies that night and another begins.

The Goofs did record many more songs than just these 3 on this record and “Denny’s Run” on the “Everything Off Beat Vol. 2” comp, but they never got released.  Luckily, some folks have hung on to these recordings, and the ones I have been able to track down with a lot of help from Robbie Kording, will be made available in a later post.   So…for now enjoy “The Retarded EP”!


Back cover of the EP

Side A

Side B


  1. MikeLovesBeer says:

    This site is the greatest!

    Well done.

  2. […] For those unfamiliar with the band, some old Goofs recordings can be downloaded for free at the Springfield music blog Some Things Can’t Be Ignored. […]

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