ingot – “1994 demo”

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Music Downloads

Ingot.  Man…I could go ON and ON about these fellas!!  In my opinion, these guys were one of the best and shortest-lived bands in Springfield during the early-to-mid 1990’s.  Ingot had a sound all their own.  I remember a conversation with Jordan (drums) when the band was still active.  Someone asked him to describe ingot’s music, and his response was, “All we do is try to be as loud as possible”.  Was ingot loud?  Yes.  They were also one TIGHT outfit.  Every show of theirs I attended (and I attended quite a few) they were always VERY together and their performance was nothing less than intense!   For me, it’s hard to describe their sound.  It’s best just to listen to the music and form your own opinion.  I guess you could call it punk, but I don’t know…that doesn’t seem quite right to me.

Ingot maintained nearly the same members throughout their short life — Kent Salisbury on vocals, Otto Junker on guitar, Ben Jacob on bass, and Jordan Schultz on drums.  Clif Hutchinson didn’t join the band until later.  He played a 2nd guitar after this tape was released.  They played all over Illinois, and possibly some neighboring states, but I don’t know that for sure.  They did numerous shows at the Lake Springfield Beach House, one show that I know of at the Atrium with N.I.L.8 when the Goofs couldn’t do it — (I remember that show vividly…I was pretty much the only dude standing in the pit area jumping around like an idiot) , Limey’s (housed in the same building as the old Atrium), VFWs, American Legions, On Broadway (which is where they played their last show — more on that one later) basements, etc.  Sadly they only officially released this tape in 1994, and another one (which I will feature later) in 1995.  I recently found out through Eric Perez that there are other recordings the band made before they called it quits, which hopefully I’ll get my hands on someday.   Until then, enjoy this first installment from ingot — their first demo released in 1994!


  1. Daymon says:

    I remember this tape well.

    A few years ago, Jordan performed at Viele’s with an instrumental outfit he was a part of in Chicago. He played bass, of all things, if I remember right. Jordan not behind a kit? Weird… 😉

    • twon9 says:

      Yup! I was at that show as well!! His band was called Catamount, and they were REALLY fuckin’good!! You can check out their Facebook page at:

      Ben Jacob’s band at the time, Eve’s Revenge (who was extremely intense!) also played that show, so it was pretty cool to see 2 ex-ingot members with new bands play the same night. It WAS strange not seeing Jordan behind a drum kit, but man…he sure did rock that guitar that night!

  2. Jeff says:

    Spent Alot of time in the Jacobs basement listening to these guys practice and looking forward to shows on the weekend!

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