ingot – “1995 demo”

Posted: March 12, 2011 in Music Downloads

Here’s the 2nd installment for ingot.  This is the final release by the fellas from 1995.  There’s a SIGNIFICANT difference in songwriting, overall structure, and quality of recording between this tape and the first one from 1994.  The band was MUCH more tight on this release and it seems they were much more settled in with each other’s playing style and the songs came together very naturally.  It’s amazing how much the song writing matured between the first tape from 1994 and this one.  It’s like night and day.

I was fortunate enough to be able to listen to this tape before the band officially released it to the public to purchase.  I listened to it in Jordan’s car outside of the beach house at one of many shows I attended there.  I don’t remember who was playing that night, but I was at a show with Daymon, and Jordan was there as well.  He came up to us and asked if we wanted to listen to some new ingot songs.  Naturally, we said yes and went out to his car to take a listen.  Now, remember folks, this is before CD players were standard equipped in cars, so we listened to this on his tape deck in the car.  Wow…remember THOSE things??  I remember clearly popping myself down in his ride and looking out of the front windshield which had a pretty thick film on it from a constant flow of cigarette smoke.  We didn’t listen to ALL of the songs — maybe 3 or 4, but I do remember on “Misanthrope”, Jordan said, “OK…hold on…listen to this…this is really fuckin’ stupid”.  He was talking about the part near the middle of the song where all of the guitars drop out, and it’s just him on drums.  The engineer who was working with the band during these sessions thought it would be a “cool” idea to add a “phaser” to his drums during this part.  Being open minded, Jordan agreed to let him try it.  After listening to it, he said it sounded, “really fucking stupid” and said he was going to have it removed before everything was sent off to have the tapes mass-produced.  Needless to say, this never happened, and it remained in the final mix.  We rewound that part MULTIPLE times and just kept laughing at how silly it sounded.  It still kinda makes me laugh to this day when I listen to this song.

OK…that’s probably enough babble.  Download this tape at the link below and do your best to try and sit still while listening to it!


…and although this is ingot’s final release, this is NOT all I have to offer!!  More to come in the near future!!!

OH!  Also…this release featured an alternate cover from the one featured here.  The other cover was a picture of some dudes jumping off of a cliff.  My friend, Rick, bought that one.  I wonder if he still has it…

  1. Ben G. says:

    I’ve got the alternate cover, in case you’re interested in throwing it up here. It was my favorite version, as it provided a vivid image of the “ecstatic nihilism” that pervaded much of the music and lyrics.

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