the Neptunes – “Transparent Divorce”

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Music Downloads

Man oh man…did this one take me a lot of work!  First of all, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Josh Kording for hanging on to this INCREDIBLE tape all these years!!  …and to Robbie Kording for letting me borrow it to make available to you all once again!

This is “Transparent Divorce” by the Neptunes.  Self-released in 1994, so yeah…this tape is 16+ years old, people!  You’d never guess it by listening to it.  These songs don’t sound dated AT ALL!!  The Neptunes were from Peoria, IL and did quite a few shows here in Springfield, mainly (if not exclusively) at On Broadway and from what I can recall the shows were always with the Goofs.  These guys were just an incredible band.  3 piece “punk rock” outfit, if you can call it that.  One of the greatest things about the Neptunes is they didn’t just stick to one type of writing style.  As you move through the songs on this release, you’ll hear everything from fun, poppy punk, to loud, aggressive arrangements, and even some “weird experimental” sampling which is super cool.  Please make sure you put these songs in the correct order after you download the .rar file.  Refer to the listing on the tape or cover scans above for the proper order.  It MUST be experienced in the correct order all the way though at first listen.  This is one of those rare “albums” that doesn’t have any filler — every song is GREAT, and it was put together in such an order that it flows PERFECTLY!  SERIOUSLY addictive stuff!  I’ve been listening to these songs almost exclusively for a full week while working on this conversion and I haven’t tired of them yet!

So, enough “jibber jabber” as Mr. T would put it.  Click on the link below and experience one of the best out-of-town bands ever to bless our little “scene” here in Springfield in the mid-to-late 1990’s!!


You can also check out 2 more Neptunes songs at a cool little site I found called Peoria Music.  It features a compilation CD that was put out in 1995 by Naked Bums, Inc. called “Now Playing in Peoria”.  It also features a couple of tunes by a band called Nora Hate, which sounds REALLY familiar.  I wanna say they did a show or two here as well back in the day.

  1. the_other_eric says:

    some more good 90s Peoria stuff at this site.

  2. MikeLikesBeer says:

    I knew this was coming and I cant tell you how awesome it is to hear this tape again. Its hard to believe I now have Ingot, Hector, some Goofs and now the Neptunes all on my iPod. Good work!!

  3. Derek says:

    This is so amazing. Thank you for the conversion.

  4. MikeLikesBeer says:

    The levels sounded great to me. It has to be cool to have your music resurface 15 years later and have it still kick ass.

    • twon9 says:

      Yeah, man…these tunes certainly have held up well! It just helps support what I keep saying — there was a LOT of really great songwriting back then!

  5. joshua kording says:

    Thanks Anthony! I have been dying to hear this for years, but was too afraid of playing the tape in fear that I would fuck it up. What you are doing is truly amazing and reminding me of how awesome it was to be a part of everyone’s life years ago.

    • twon9 says:

      Thanks, Josh! …and thanks for being so cool about letting me borrow your tape! I’ll have it back to Robbie here over the next couple of days. I just need to finish with the other tape he gave me so I can return them both at the same time. I have one tape deck that I spent a little money on back when I was in high school that treats tapes extremely well, and that’s all I’ve been using for these conversions. I know what you mean about being too afraid to play these old tapes. After I converted ingot stuff years ago I put them away for good. I remember the day my walkman nearly ate one of my ingot tapes. I about shit myself because it was well after the guys split and I knew I could never replace it!

  6. Jeff Peppers says:

    I have a copy of a copy of this on tape and it sounds pretty crap. I was meaning to digitize that but never got around to convincing myself that it was worth it. Thank you _very_ much.

  7. jeremy says:

    Please email me if you have a copy of “now playing in peoria” or anything from the Peoria IL scene from the 90’s..neptunes, dollface, goonies, etc. would be excellent. 🙂 I lost all of my music in a house fire and am desperate to get it back.

    • twon9 says:

      Hey, Jeremy! Thanks for checkin’ out the blog! I’m sure I can pin down a copy of “Now Playing In Peoria” somewhere. I’ll put my feelers out! I’ll see what other stuff I may be able to scare up for ya, too!

      If you have a specific list of stuff you’re looking for, slide it my way and I’ll keep my eyes open for ya!

  8. jeremy says:

    JEFF! You kick ass man, I have looked for the Neptunes CD for a long time now… thank you so much for uploading it!

  9. Brody Maag says:

    This has been sitting here a while. Thanks! Check out my blog for some Peoria 90’s stuff including Nora Hate, Dave Moe Band, Fast Food Revolution.

  10. Jeff Peppers says:

    My wife (Alex Ingram) just got into her old cd collection and we ripped “Now Playing In Peoria” to ~192/lame if we could help out and upload it somewhere.

    I can re-rip it higher, but we have this now if you like 🙂

  11. Jeff Peppers says:

    Here’s this 🙂
    192/lame rip – The id3 are a bit goofy since this is a compilation:
    extra bonus trivia I googled:

  12. 99.9 WWCT FM says:

    […] week I have a local flashback from Peoria Garage Pop Punk group, The Neptunes. The band existed between 1993 and 1996 and released one full length album, Trasparent Divorce, on […]

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