the Limiates – “Tunes From The Toilet”

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Music Downloads

A BIG thanks to Robbie Kording for hookin’ me up with this tape!  Still wrapped in plastic nonetheless!!

This is “Tunes From The Toilet” self-released be the Limiates in 1998!  Now, I can’t really tell you a whole lot about these fellas, as I think I only saw them play once at the Asylum, and it was probably only a couple of songs due to me arriving to the show late.  The Limiates were a ska-punk band that featured several members that would later go on to play in other well-established Springfield bands.  Miles Parkhill went on to play drums for Park (the Lobster Records era of Park), and another band, post-Park, who’s name escapes me at this time.  Johnny Draper went on to play bass for the Timmys for a while, as well as some other projects here and there.  He’s currently playing in a new band called, “Boon”.  Matt Natale (Matt Woo) went on to play bass for the Timmys for a while as well, several other various projects post-Timmys, and currently plays in Springfield “Surf-Rock” band, Go! Tsunami.

The Limiates were a short-lived band from what I understand, but were certainly an important part of Springfield music during their time!

That’s about all I’ve got, folks!  Feel free to add more info on these guys in the comments section!

OH!  …and thanks to Miles for hookin’ up Robbie with this tape!!


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