N.I.L.8 – “Last Flash of Paisley Pastel” (the psychadelic abstraction no. 7) b/w “Too Loud” 7″

Posted: May 29, 2011 in Music Downloads

A little more N.I.L.8 for you all!!

This sucker dates all the way back to 1988, so it SORTA falls outside the timeline I have stuck to so far on this blog (1990’s), but it’s an important one!  This is the first 7″ ever released by N.I.L.8, but not the first ever recordings released to the general public.  Just the first ever vinyl release.  This 7″ was released on a local label called Loach Records.  I honestly don’t know much about Loach Records.  N.I.L.8 released one more cassette that I know of under Loach Records, titled “Mind*Evulsion”, which has recently been re-released by the fellas and is available at shows, or you can contact Jeff Williams directly for more information on how to get a copy.

This is one of my favorite older N.I.L.8 recordings.  “Last Flash of Paisley Pastel” is such a well written song.  Jeff has told me previously that “Too Loud” was the first song he ever wrote.  The version you have on here has a more “reggae-ish” feel to it.  The original version was much faster.  Unfortunately, I’ve never heard the original version.  Jeff has told me that those recordings probably still exist…just stored away well in a box somewhere.  Perhaps they’ll see the light of day once again sometime down the road.  It certainly would be exciting to hear all of those OLD N.I.L.8 recordings!!

As far as I know, this release features both Jeff (guitar/vocals) and Bruce Williams (bass), Eric White (guitar) and Lance Reynolds (drums).

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on this 7″ back in high school when I found it in the 7″ bin at the short-lived local record shop, Atomic Records.  Boy, do I miss that place!  You’ll see this record pop up from time to time at Recycled Records, but it usually gets snatched up REAL QUICK!


  1. Jeff says:

    Atomic records was awesome! I miss that place too. And the Asylum coffee shop. Very 90’s.

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