Shooters & Senders — Studio and LIVE!

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Music Downloads

“From the ashes of ingot came Shooters & Senders!”

These fellas didn’t stick around too long, and it’s really a shame, too!  When ingot folded in 1995 or 1996 (I don’t remember which year it was), my heart sunk.  I’ll never forget that last show at On Broadway.  I still remember it like it was yesterday.  Some time passed, and I guess a couple of the fellas just weren’t ready to stop making music.  So…they (and by they I mean Jordan Schultz and Otto Junker) teamed up with some other local musicians, Dennis Belogorsky, Eric Perez, Mike Shear (not sure if I got the last name spelled correctly) and a couple of others and created Shooters & Senders.  The arrangements were more complex, and musicianship certainly showed with this band.  The one thing that I REALLY liked about these guys is that they had 3 guitar players — Otto, Dennis and one other dude who’s name I do not know.  Yeah, I know, big deal, right?  Well…each guitar played a completely different part from one another, and when it all came together, man…it was pretty incredible!  Jordan held down the drums just as he did in ingot, and Eric kept things chuggin’ along on the bass and Mike Shear yelled.

Another unique thing about this band is they actually got signed (sorta) for a VERY short period of time.  I don’t know of many Springfield bands that can say this.  They got picked up by Deep Elm Records.  They were going to release a 2-3 song 7″ pressed on blue vinyl from what I can remember, but the band split up before anything could really materialize with the record company.  From what I was told, Mike didn’t want to go through the touring that Deep Elm wanted them to, so he said, “I’m done”, and well….that was pretty much it from what I understand.  Deep Elm did manage to put out ONE song by the fellas called, “The Wrath” which was included on the compilation CD, “A Million Miles Away: The Emo Diaries Chapter Two“.  So, what this means is that there are a handful or so of studio recordings done for Deep Elm that never saw the light of day…until NOW!!  What you have here is all of the Shooters & Senders recordings I have been able to obtain over a course of many years.  Let’s start from the beginning.

Metropolis Studios: Chicago, IL.  August 2nd – 4th, 1997

From what I understand, these are the first ever Shooters & Senders studio recordings.  I got these from a friend of mine at the time who was friend’s with Mike Shear’s brother.  He let me borrow his tape, so I made this copy.  The version of “The Wrath” you have here ended up on the Deep Elm comp, “A Million Miles Away: The Emo Diaries Chapter TwoThere’s 4 songs total — “Three Bullets For Hanson”, “The Wrath”, “The Noble Experiment” and “Oscar De La Hoya”.  These were supposed to be used for the 7″ that never came to be.



The Ed Nudd Session:  Date Unknown

I’ve gotta thank Eric Perez for these!!  I think these were probably the last studio recordings the band did before they called it quits.  Just two songs here, “Total Reset” and “Flareside”.  Funny thing is, Ed Nudd ended up playing drums with Jordan Schultz in a post-Shooters band called Catamount.  Another FANTASTIC band that ended too soon.  Catamount did play at least one show that I know of in Springfield at Viele’s Planet with Eve’s Revenge which featured Ben Jacob who, as you know, played bass with Jordan in ingot.  THAT was a fun show!!



LIVE on WEFT 90.1 FM – Champaign, IL.

Another nod to Eric Perez for hookin’ me up with this one!  This is a live broadcast of Shooters & Senders on a small community radio station in Champaign, IL. — WEFT 90.1 FM.  9 total songs (3 instrumentals) with some talking in between and there’s even an “injury” after the first song. 



OH!  …and the photo at the top?  That’s Jordan on drums at a Shooter’s show at Skank Skates.  Take note of the speaker cab behind him — that’s Ladd Mitchell’s old cab, which tells me Park played at this show too.  This very well may have been the Walker/Park/Shooters & Senders show.

  1. SW says:

    Thanks for posting these. I got a copy of the first four songs on tape from Chris Waage (the other guitarist you couldn’t think of), but never had a good copy of them. I never even knew about the other recordings! Good stuff!

    • twon9 says:

      Hey, thanks for checkin’ out the blog! Glad you’ve enjoyed these tunes! Yeah…Shooters & Senders were really great!!

      • Derek says:

        This blog is my favorite thing. I’ve missed so many of these bands. I love the background info you’ve provided about the bands as well. These were the best times of my life.

  2. twon9 says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Derek!! I’m happy you’ve been enjoying the blog as much as I enjoy doing it! You’re right, man….these were some really great times! I’m glad you were there to experience it all!

  3. Mike Shear says:

    Hey… The bass player wanted to explore other things and we split up right before our little tour out east in 98’… Sucks things went that way, but that’s life… Mike

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