N.I.L.8 — “Halloween” 7″ (LIVE at the Metro: Chicago, IL 8/10/96)

Posted: September 18, 2011 in Music Downloads

A quick little post for you all today!

This is the “Halloween” 7″ released by N.I.L.8 in 1996.  This was recorded live at the Metro in Chicago, IL on 8/10/96.  This was the first N.I.L8 release to feature Walnuts on drums!  Lance Reynolds (former N.I.L.8 drummer) recorded these songs.  This sucker is LONG out of print, although you can OCCASIONALLY (and I mean VERY, VERY rarely) find a used copy at Recycled Records.  Not sure how many copies the band had pressed, but I made sure I picked up my copy as soon as it was available at N.I.L.8 shows.  I got this one at one of the many Atrium shows I attended during my youth.

I figured since the fellas aren’t doing a Hobgoblinspookadelic this year, I’d give you all a little SOMETHING to satisfy your N.I.L.8 fix since Halloweener is creeping up on us here soon.  …and with that being said, keep your eyeballs peeled to this blog for another update on October 31st!!



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