the Goofs — FINAL Unfinished Studio Recordings

Posted: December 31, 2011 in Music Downloads

The image above is the graphic that appears on the last Goofs shirt ever printed up.  I STILL wear the shirt to this day.

A BIG thanks goes out to Ryan Dougherty for hookin’ me up with these tunes!!!

What we have here are the “long lost” FINAL unfinished Goofs studio recordings!!  These never had vocals recorded, so they are all instrumentals.  Some of the songs you’ll recognize like “Green Giant” and “Denny’s Run”, but the others I have no clue on what the titles are.  If anyone remembers, feel free to chime in on the comments section!  I remember hearing “track 6” live numerous times, but not a clue on the title.   This final session features 8 songs that were recorded in 1996 or 1997 I’d guess, and per Ryan, the “personnel” was — Craig Trudeau, Ryan Dougherty, Spencer Heck, Josh Kording, Matt Crawford, Luke Giacomini and Mario Gutierrez.

It’s hard to believe these songs were written 15 or so years ago.  They STILL hold up so well today!  Although these are rough mixes, you gotta admit the arrangements were done EXTREMELY well!!  The Goofs were certainly a master at their craft when it came to songwriting.  After listening to these unfinished songs, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind they could have taken this shit to the next level if they really wanted to.  I think all of you that were a part of the “scene” at the time won’t help but have your mind drift back to the shows and the great times we all had while you listen to these particular tunes.

Towards the end of the band’s run, the sound got a lot heavier and their punk influences certainly came through a lot stronger, which I feel you can REALLY hear on these recordings.  …and…these songs remain raw, in their original state.  I didn’t bother to “clean up” anything.  In fact, I think Ryan did a fine job of converting these to digital.

So…without any further adieu — here’s the final unfinished Goofs recordings for your listening pleasure!


…and while I’m at it, I’d like to take a quick moment to thank each and every one of you who bother to visit this blog and all of the positive feedback I’ve received over the past year!!  Not to mention those folks who have been inspired to dig out some old gems that have been sitting around collecting dust for over a decade and share those with me to share with all of you!  Folks like…

Robbie Kording (who is responsible for locating most of the really rare stuff on here!)

Josh Kording (for taking such great care of that Neptunes tape all of these years!)

Ryan Dougherty and Spencer Heck for the Goofs stuff!!

Damon Soper (who has an AMAZING collection of old stuff!)

Jeff Williams and Ladd Mitchell for giving me the OK to post N.I.L.8 and Park stuff!!

Daymon Kiliman for recording the ingot Access 4 show back in high school!!

Galen Wasem for all of the Fagalonius P. Hector stuff!!

Trevor Moore for hangin’ on to that DAT tape from the Hector “…b” sessions!!!!

Vain Jayne for pictures of the flyers from my first ever punk show at the Lake Springfield Beach House!!!

Eric Perez for hookin’ me up BIG TIME with some old Shooters & Senders stuff!!

Everyone who has played (or currently plays) in the bands featured on here, and countless others who have helped make this little blog what it is today!!

It’s been really great reading the comments that come through on here.  I know going back and revisiting these tunes brings back some fond memories of a really great time during some of your lives (including mine), and it’s been fun reading the recollections of  “goings on” back then at specific shows, etc.  So here’s to what I’d consider a damn successful year for this little music blog and to an exciting 2012!!!

Thanks again, y’all!!!!

  1. Ryan says:

    Oh hellz yeah! Nice work, man. We need to spread the word and find more lost/forgotten treasures. We HAVE TO GET that lost ingot public access footage. Congrats, on a great 2011 Anthony and here’s to a fantastic 2012 for this essential website!

    • twon9 says:

      Thanks, Ryan!! Someone on here said they have video from the Access 4 show still, so it’s out there. Maybe they’ll let me borrow it to do a professional transfer to digital? I can probably get my tape repaired, but the video is pretty shaky. I’m hopin’ this other dude’s copy is a little more “stable”. Although…it WAS Public Access from the 1990’s — not a whole lot went into over the top production in those days. Not dissing it, just sayin’…

  2. S.G.H says:

    I have an original copy. Pretty hesitant to get that out. It sounds terrible.

  3. Robbie Kording says:

    Even if it sounds terrible it’ll be cool to have the footage!

  4. Ben G. says:

    While I’m interested in Ryan’s proposal, I would really like to see that Public Access footage with some good audio from that performance. I once had a good VCR recording of the show, but it’s since been either lost or taped over.

    I’ve got an old VCR-DVD player, and I think this new computer I got a hold of can facilitate a good transfer. So would it be possible to get the VCR tape(s) from “sw” or “S.G.H” ?

    And then we can work on the Rogers and Hammerstein arrangements after that.

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