Park – “Scene 14”

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Music Downloads

A BIG thanks to Ladd Mitchell for giving me permission to post old Park stuff for you all!!

Ok, 2nd post of your “double dose” promise today!  Here we have the first full-length CD released by Park — “Scene 14”.  This was released in 1998 on Playing Field Recordings (originally SubFusc Records) out of Champaign, IL and is the only Park full-length to feature the ORIGINAL lineup — Ladd Mitchell, Jon Heupel, Justin Valenti and Eric Lipe.  The photos above are of my own personal copy that I bought at a show when it was first released.  I’m pretty sure Playing Field Recordings is no longer in operation, as their website doesn’t seem to allow you to order any music.  They DO have a Facebook page, however, that has plenty of old show flyers, photos, songs, etc that you can gawk at.  This is still one of my most favorite Park releases ever.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the “Lobster Records (now Oort Records) era” of Park, but the original lineup and songwriting will always hold a special place in my heart.  This release is LONG out of print, and you’ll be lucky to find a copy to purchase online.  I’ve looked. will trick you into thinking you can buy one for $11.99, but when you go to checkout it will tell you it’s on “backorder”.  Um, yeah…that backorder request won’t be filled any time soon!  So…until you can manage to get lucky enough to find a copy for sale online or randomly stuck in the used section at your local record store, enjoy these .mp3’s for download!


  1. Jon Heupel says:

    Little known fact: There was supposed to be a layer of text(lyrics to class of coleco) in the white lines on the cover but the printer f’d it up and it got missed in the proof by playingfield. I picked them up from the factory and cracked open a box and saw it was wrong. Tried to get them to redo it but they wouldn’t. Always wanted to do a second printing to correct it. Bugs me every time I look at it.

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