the Timmys – “The First Six Months” cassette (1997)

Posted: May 26, 2012 in Music Downloads

Once again, a BIG thanks to Robbie Kording for the hook up on this one!!!

I honestly have no business doing a write up for this one, so Robbie was kind enough to put a little something together for you all to read:

Man oh man, we were kids! These were the first songs we ever wrote. We were only a 4-piece band back then. Myself, Wes, Ian and Timmy Costello. The day before we went into the studio (Digi-Tracks in Springfield), we had asked our friend Jordan Laier to join the band as a 2nd guitarist. We didn’t have time to teach him any of the songs.. so instead we asked/forced him to do a version of Bob Lueken’s “Spanish Rose” solo. It turned out pretty good and Jordan did it all in one take. In fact, most of these songs were one-takers. We didn’t really care if it was sloppy and to be honest, we preferred it that way.
We released this album at a show we did at The Asylum in the late months of 1997 (nearly 15 years ago!). There are some true f’n classics on here! Enjoy!

-Robbie K

By the way, we are finished recording a new full length record and it’s currently being mixed. So hopefully we get that out within the next month or two!


So, there ya go!  …and some of  you may notice that song 2, “Raymond”,  is missing.  This was done on purpose per Robbie’s request.

“Have Another”, and enjoy the first songs ever recorded by the one and only TIMMYS!!


  1. Brian says:


  2. BIOYA! Jeremy says:

    This makes me tear up almost as bad as when Robbie gave me the clap from dry humping my pillow that i let him borrow one time when he stayed over to help make copies of this tape… oooo memory lane.. great job Mr Anthony keep it up

  3. Mike having another says:

    Cant wait to get home and download this. All of the old material on this website brings back so many good memories (at least the ones I didn’t drink and burn away). Keep up the awesome work!

  4. I still have the cassette of this that I picked up at Atomic Records in Fairhills Mall. Looking forward to revisiting these songs… Thanks!

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